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The Blanco National Bank was established in 1906 and was originally located in the County Courthouse building on the square in downtown Blanco. That same year a bank committee was formed to buy the courthouse for $3,200. In 1924, the courthouse building was sold to Charles E. Crist for $3,500 and the bank bought property from Mr. Crist on the north side of the square “for the erection of a one story banking room.” Various renovations were made to that building over the years, including expansion and remodeling of the interior, and in September 1987 a motor bank facility was added. The most recent renovation was a full “facelift” of the main building in 2015, adding a covered walkway and automated entry.

The bank has been led by six presidents since its establishment. The first, Arlon B. Davis, was elected in 1906 and was replaced by G. W. Wall in 1909. Mr. Wall served until 1932, at which time the board elected Charles E. Crist who served until 1940. Mr. Crist was followed by Percy T. Brigham, president from 1940 to 1964. Aaron Posey then took over the presidency and served from 1964 until 1991 and continued as Chairman of the Board until 1994. The bank’s current president, Mark E. Tidwell, Jr., assumed the presidency in 1991.

Blanco National Bank has been the symbol of stability in Blanco County for more than 100 years and hopes to continue to serve the community in the same friendly and efficient manner for years to come. Blanco National Bank is a proud member of the Texas Hill Country and is committed to community involvement and advancement.

Crist Brigham Posey
Mr. Chas Crist Mr. Percy Brigham Mr. Aaron Posey

Street Scene in Blanco in 1906