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Scams & Safety Tips

Identity Theft Protection
Avoid giving out your personal information such as drivers license and social security numbers. If you have become an a vicitim and need credit restoration services, Click here for credit counseling, business tools, payment processor services, click here.

Lost or Stolen Wallet, Purse or PDA
Click here to view a guide of what to do and who to call.

Types of Merchant Service Providers
Get your Business a Free EMV Terminal: Learn the types of Merchant Rates Available for Small Businesses.

Safety Tips to Reduce Risk from Fraud
Click here to view ways to reduce your exposure to fraud.

When is a Check "Good?" Click here to learn more.

User Precaution at ATMS and Night Deposit Facilities
Click here for safety precautions when using the ATM and Night Drop.

Email Phishing IQ Test
Take the SonicWALL Phishing IQ Test to help you tell the difference between legitimate emails and fake emails (phishing emails). Learn to protect yourself from people who hope to obtain your account, financial, credit and identity information through your email.
Take the E-mail Phishing IQ Test

Quick Links:
Here are Quick Links to consumer reporting companies to place a fraud alert and review your credit report:

Additional Helpful Links:
Here are informational links if you are interested in learning more about different Scams and ways to prevent identity theft.